Other Free Rules

All rules are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

  • FFT 2000 — The original FFT rules posted in 1998.
  • Dixie 2000 — The South wins the American Civil War and a rematch is fought in 2000. A supplement for FFT 2000.
  • Railgun 2100 — Science fiction rules based on the FFT 2000 game system.
  • A Fistful of Tripods — Miniature wargame rules for The War of the Worlds based on the FFT system. Covers the “historical” invasion of the 1890s, and a second invasion in 1920; and alternative invasions in 1917, the early 1940s, and the 1990s.
  • Tripods and Hussars — Fast-playing rules covering the “historical” War of the Worlds Martian invasion of Earth. Uses a non-FFT game system.
  • Tripods and Hussars Eratta — Word 97 file.
  • Jumptrooper — Science fiction infantry combat for 15mm and 28mm miniatures. Word 97 document.
  • A Fistful of Sardaukar — Infantry combat in the Dune universe.

Coming Soon:

Orc’s Drift Skirmish — Colonial fantasy battles in the centre of the Earth.

Orc’s Drift — Colonial fantasy mass combat system.

High Seas Drifter — Fast-playing World War II naval miniature wargame emphasizing capital ships.

FFT Ogre — Rules for using FFT3 to fight battles in the Ogre/GEV universe.

FFT Epic 40K — Rules for using FFT3 to fight battles in the Epic 40K universe.