A Fistful of TOWs 3 is now available in book and PDF format.

It’s 470 pages, and available in the following formats:

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Do you like tanks? Do you enjoy fighting mechanized battles in miniature? Well, do ya punk…er I mean “fellow gamer”?

If so, FFT3 is designed for you.

It’s a fast-playing, hard hitting set of miniatures rules for mechanized warfare. The rules are comprehensive, yet playable. And fast. Real fast. A typical game turn should average no more than 15 minutes. And it’s designed to let you play big battles if you want, and use all those miniatures you have! (I actually designed it so that I could play with the zillions of 6mm tanks that I had accumulated).

It also has the largest set of vehicle and gun data ever published in an individual rule set. And as far as we can tell, the largest set of army lists ever printed in a single volume.

Game Features

Troop Quality Matters A Whole Lot. Troop quality affects every system in the game. Just like in the Real World.

Elegant Artillery Rules. Fast to resolve and no pre-plotting required. And you’ll actually use artillery.

Simple Command Rules. Clean and simple, the command system accurately models mechanized command and control, without a bunch of leader stands cluttering up the playing surface.

Virtually Every Major Weapon System from the 1930s to present is covered, along with data for different time periods and conflicts.

Full Campaign and Scenario Generation System. Plus advice and guidance for do-it-yourself scenario designers. And a point system to help balance scenarios.

Rules to Determine Your Own Equipment Ratings. If you think the Merkava III’s ratings aren’t right, we give you the rules to fix them.

Flexibility. Designed for play with miniatures from 2mm up to 15mm in scale with no modifications. Comfortably handles battles from company/battalion-sized to brigade/regiment-sized and larger. And no specific basing requirements!

Unprecedented Historical Coverage. With a single game system and data set, you can fight engagements from diverse times and conflicts of your choosing–such as Poland in 1939, France in 1940, Kiev in 1941, Tunisia in 1942, Kursk in 1943, Bastogne in 1944, the Ruhr in 1945, the Tet Offensive in 1968, the Golan Heights in 1973, the Fulda Gap in 1984, Iraq in 1991 and 2003, and many, many more.